Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots of Fun, Lots of Pictures

We got to spend a long weekend in March at Mimi and Papas! We had so much fun. Clayton watched basketball with Uncle David (See Boo Boo in the corner of the pic), we took gator rides, Maddie loved rocking in the rocking chair at Mimi's house, Clayton helped clear brush at the farm, cleaned out the birdhouses (Clayton liked watching the mice run out) and he has a new best friend MAMA KITTY. Yes that is right the kid who has hated cats his whole life now loves one! Mama Kitty belongs to Clayton's Great Mimi and Papa. She is one spoiled farm cat. She has a "nanny" when my grandparents are out of town who comes to feed her and pet her. She has beds in the barn and corn crib. Clayton got to feed and brush her. Clayton talks about Mama Kitty all the time now and can't wait to get back to Galena for Easter so he can see Great Mimi, Great Papa and Mama Kitty.

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John & Katie Lyons said...

Love the pics Sarah! Your kids are so sweet, even if they do eat dog food!