Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talking Todder Tuesday II

So my dad said that I wasn't telling everyone "all" the things Clayton said. I think he thought I was editing. :) I will share some things from the last week that will show this is not true! :)

Clayton: Mommy there is Boo Boo Butt
Mommy: Clayton we don't say that. You can call her Boo Boo Bear
Clayton: Daddy tells me that (meaning not to say that), but you laugh when I say it

Forgot this one from a couple of weeks ago
Mommy: Clayton do you want to get a new room and move to a new house? We are selling our house in St. Louis.
Clayton: No, Daddy should sell his "work house"
Oh don't we wish it was that simple

Clayton got a bubble maker from his Super Aunt Jane, Uncle Bill, Chris and Sean. He LOVES it. We were driving home from the post office after picking it up and he told me it was a sump pump. :)

We went on a walk today, thank goodness it was nice enough to get outside. I would like to live in a desert for awhile. Clayton wasn't listening to me and we needed to get back to the car. Once we were in the car:
Clayton: Mommy I wasn't listening
Mommy: I know, how come
Clayton: I was too busy

Scary thing, he is just like his mom! Hope everyone is having a good week.

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