Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend of Fun!

Last weekend we had some awesome family time! Mimi and Papa came on Wednesday night and Aunt Anna and Uncle David came on Friday. Mimi and Papa took us out to breakfast, went on some shopping excursions, played and played! The boys had fun on Friday grilling ribs, having a few beverages(ha ha) and playing some baseball. We had 4 great babysitters on Saturday night so we could go to an event for Justin's work. Clayton got to go to our subdivision pool with Mimi and Papa a couple times and then on Saturday Aunt Anna and Uncle David went too!

Madeline loved all the cuddle time. Clayton was super excited that Mimi and Papa helped expand his Thomas the Train set. Mimi even used a box from Striderite to build a tunnel for his cho cho! I love that Uncle David gets the kids books! He had to sit down and write in about 7 of them though, silly mommy always wants the kids to know who got them the books. Oh and we can't forget the water bottle Aunt Anna got him. He is obsessed with that! :) My children are spoiled!!

We love you guys and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks in Galena!!! P.S. Weekends like that reinforce the need for my July New Years Resolution!!!!!!

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