Monday, September 14, 2009

More Galena fun and then back to the craziness of life!

I know everyone says this, but time goes too fast! I can't believe we are already home from Galena. In fact I am in Georgia for work. We had so much fun with my parents and grandparents and can't wait to spend many more weekends in Galena. I think Clayton is going through Nana and Papa withdrawl. Good thing daddy is home to take care of him. :)

After a week of fun it is back to the grind. As I said, I am in Georgia today and tomorrow. We have lots planned the next couple of weekends too. Justin and I are getting away for the weekend this weekend, while Aunt Anna and Uncle David come to babysit. The next weekend Justin has his 10 year class reunion and my friend Megan is getting married. Then the following weekend we are off to Champaign for Clayton's first Illini football game. They play Penn State so it should be fun. Needless to say we are busy as usual. I keep waiting for our entire family to buy a jet. I think it would be a good investment!!!! :) Or we could all move North, right mom!!! :)

Hope everyone has a good week. So excited for some cool fall weather!!! More pics from our Galena adventures below.

Clayton and Great Grandpa at Happy Joes watching the train go around! I think great grandpa put 10 quarters in so Clayton could keep watching the train. He loved it.
Clayton at the farm with his camo seat.

Waiting for Great Grandpa to bring the ride around.

Oh boy, not ready for him to be driving yet!

My kids, enjoying the ride around the farm. Keely got tired and had to hop in with us.

Grandpa and mom in front of their deer stand.

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