Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Mommy!

Ok, so the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I felt horrible today after taking Clayton to Stride Rite to get new shoes. I would have to say and my sister would agree that shoes have been my weak point in motherhood. I don't like wearing shoes and walk around barefoot much of the time, so I have never really been in a hurry to get Clayton in shoes. I didn't see the point of buying $40 shoes when he was laying or crawling around. Then when he started walking I figured it was easier to do so barefoot. He had a pair of Crocs for awhile and then at the end of the summer seeing as he was about to be 17 months at the time Justin and I thought he needed shoes. We got a pair size 3. Don't ask me why we picked size 3, but the seemed to fit. Thank goodness he only wore them once. When I took him today to get some good ones, they measured his feet and he is a size 5 1/2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, no wonder he wasn't walking so hot in those other shoes. Needless to say he is a pro in the new ones. He was flying around OldNavy while I was shopping today. I will post a pic of his new kicks tomorrow. By the way, still rediculous that a kid 5 1/2 shoe costs like $40. I won't even spend $40 on shoes for myself and that takes a lot more leather. :)

Big weekend starts tomorrow with a good friends wedding and Justin's class reunion. Hopefully I will remember to take some picks of all the fun. I am sure there will be some good ones of the Taylorville crew.

P.S. Going to a highschool football game for the first time in years, and I am super excited. Just something about the fall, hometowns, and football. Makes me think of my favorite book, "Friday Night Lights"!!!!!!!!!


MamaMiller said...

You should find a Stride Rite outlet. That was the only place I could justify my shoe purchase for Mason :)

Karin said...

Don't feel bad, I did the same thing to Matthew. I took him into Stride Rite when he was about a year old and I was off by almost 2 sizes. OOps!! Kohl's carries Stride Rite sometimes. I got Matthew a pair for the fall and paid about $20. It is tough to pay a lot for shoes when their feet grow way too fast!!