Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keely our "Big" Baby

So, the Friday before Justin left for Cincinnati, he and Keely were playing in the back yard. She got a little too excited about getting her ball and ran her foot into the fence. She tore her toe nail off and had to go to the vet to have the rest of it removed, her foot bandaged and to get pain pills. I think she must have really put on a show to get the pain pills. :) She was fine, but we had to keep it covered for a couple of days. Mommy thought the bandage was ugly so I let her borrow a couple of my socks so she could look stylish! Needless to say she is healing just fine and is back to her silly self.

Keely in her football sock!

She had to act a little dramatic for this picture so she lifted her leg!

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Weimaraner said...

Aww! Poor Keely. I hope she feels better. Crazy Weims : )