Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ali and Clayton's first lunch date!

Clayton in the cute and warm Santa's Helpers outfit Ali got him.

So, I am a little behind on a few posts! A month or two ago, Clayton, Justin and I went to lunch with Ali. Ali is one of Clayton's favorite nurses from SLCH. She now lives in Kansas City and works at the Children's Hospital there. We had such a great time catching up that I forgot to get a picture of them together. We will have to do that next time! Ali was so sweet to send a package for Christmas. I think it was Justin's favorite Christmas gift. If you are a parent you will understand. We had a great nose sucker, also known as a bulb syringe from the hospital. Well, Keely thought it was a chew toy and destroyed it. We bought one at the store, but they are just not as good. So Ali was kind enough to get us two new ones!!! She also sent Clayton an adorable outfit! We are thankful everyday for the wonderful job that nurses and doctors do! We hope to see you soon Ali!

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Anna said...

I love the new picture but what does an Aunt have to do to get a video?!?! Can't wait to see everyone!!