Monday, January 19, 2009

Clayton and Daddy go Fishing

Clayton and Daddy went fishing tonight with the fishing pole Clayton got from Santa. Clayton wants to be ready to go fishing with Great-Grandpa Clayton, Grandpa, his Super Uncles, Uncle David and Daddy this summer. I would say it was a success! He didn't even lose his pole Uncle Buck! :)
P.S. Needed to make a quick note. Clayton should be a good fisherman, because his mommy always was! She even caught Aunt Anna's ear with a hook. Talk about good aim!

Um, Dad there is a starfish on my pole.

Look what I caught Mommy!

Yummy, I like these fish!


Anna said...

Clayton don't you want to go fishing with me. I would always catch bigger and more fish than your mom when we went with Grandpa Clayton! Miss you tons and love you!

Karin said...

These are the cutest pictures!! Clayton is so adorable! I used to love going fishing with my grandpa Clayton too. He always took the fish off the hook for me because I am such a wimp!