Friday, August 1, 2008

Clayton Misses his NICU Nurses

Most of you may have seen this picture from Clayton's photo shoot. During the last few days of his hospital stay, Clayton had his nurses write messages and sign his baseball. That is the baseball in the picture. While we are glad to be home, Clayton does miss all of his nurses! I won't mention names for everyones privacy, but here are some people he wanted me to mention.
  • He loved his nurse that "liked torturing" him while he took his bath. She is a big Cardinals fan!
  • He misses his nurse who was the best burper in the world. I think she will know who she is if I mention her husband always thinks she gets her hair highlighted!
  • He misses the crazy nurse who thought his mom put him in the big blue chair and who charged his daddy for all the questions he asked! Hugs and kisses!
  • He hopes one of his favorite nurses that took her girls to Disney World takes him someday! He loves roller coasters!
  • He misses the nurse who always checked on him and hid under the table with her son during the earthquake of 2008!
  • He sends a big Thank You to his nurse that gave him his cute baby giraffee and who he always wished worked more than part-time so we could see her more.
  • He wants to say hi to his nurse that was always peaking in the room at his mommy! Ha Ha Ha
  • He asks where his blonde, curlied hair nurse who he thought was his girlfriend is, Daddy said she gave him too hard of a time and was just as big of a smart mouth as he was!

We can't ever begin to thank everyone there for all their love, support and great care they provided. We had a great nurse-practioner and Doctors too! Clayton loves that you all still check in on him and he can't wait to come visit in November. We will make sure we give you all a heads up what day we will be there.


Anonymous said...

Justin and Sarah

I am moving at the end of the month. I'm so sad that I won't be able to see Clayton in November. Make sure you keep the site updated cause I will be checking in on you three. Feel free to email me too!!

Ali Flick

Anonymous said...

Well hey!!!
I feel that I just have to let you guys know so you can tell Clayton that his girlfriend misses him too, but I understand that it was time for him to move on! I loved his pics by the way! He is so freakin adorable! Too cute for me now... ;)
Hope you all had a great weekend!
Keep in touch!!!
Love you, Clayton!
Beth Spotanski