Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr. Clayton is SO BIG

Clayton had a doctors appointment on Monday and he has gained 3 lbs! He is up to 7lbs 14oz! He also grew 3 inches and is 19 3/4 inches. He was such a good boy and only cried a little when he got his 3 shots. He was glad that Aunt Anna came with mommy to see his doctor. Aunt Anna was able to come on Friday and stay to babysit on Monday and Tuesday this week. Keely and Clayton loved having her babysit. Aunt Anna claims she is the only one that has not been squirted by Clayton. :) We wish she could stay, but she had to go back to work today and Clayton knew Uncle David missed her!
We had a nice cookout with friends this last weekend even though it was horribly hot out. Keely loved all the little kids who were her height. We did laugh at how different BBQs have become with children running around. We continue to stay busy and got some unexpected news last week from Justin's job. They announced they are shutting down his office at the end of the year. We don't know what this means for us right now, but we are sure it will all work out. We hope everyone is having a good week. Hugs and kisses!

Clayton laughs at mommy!

Hi mommy, what are you doing up there?


Katie Ruehmer said...

He looks so much bigger than he did a month ago! What a beautiful little guy!:)

Anonymous said...

How can Clayton get more adorable each time a picture is posted? I don't get it. His smile lights up the entire internet!
We're sorry to hear about the Justin's job. We will continue to pray for all of you. Believe it or not, God has a plan and it's far better than you can imagine.

Beth Willy said...

Hey Murphy Family
I have been a loyal follower of the blog and have been watching Clayton grow...what a super cute smile. You also have inspired me to start a blog, so when you get a minute check it out

Karin said...

Clayton is so adorable!!! I can see a little of both of you in his face. That is so wonderful that Aunt Anna comes to take care of him. I am sure she is just like Molly & loves him like he is her own!!

Anonymous said...

Where are my Clayton updates!?! Oh I am addicted to your blog!! amanda

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Clayton is so much bigger since he has left the NICU. Just checking in, letting you know we still talk about him here! I'm glad to see him doing so well. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

Ali Flick

go cards, that was for you Justin