Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekend with Aunt Anna & Uncle David!

Uncle David and Clayton
Aunt Anna & Uncle David with Clayton
The Murphys! (Keely stood still long enough for a quick shot!)
We were lucky to have Uncle David and Aunt Anna come down this past weekend to visit. Clayton hadn't seen Uncle David since late April, so it was fun to see how much he had grown. Clayton even got a present from David's trip to San Diego, a marine t-shirt! Mommy said Clayton can't be in the military though. That is toooooo scary. David cooked some amazing streaks for us on Saturday night. He and his brother Danny need to have a show on the Food Network!!!! Anna and David babysat on Sunday while Mommy and Daddy went to join the Methodist Church here in St. Charles. We hope to have our little guy baptized sometime in August or September.
I am trying to relish every moment this week as I go back to work Monday. :( We hope everyone is having a good week!!!!

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Karin said...

What great pictures! Good luck going back to work on Monday. I am sure that will be hard for you, but it seems like you have a wonderful support system. Clayton looks like he is so happy and VERY loved!! I hope to see that sweet baby sometime in the near future (and you too)!