Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nana Comes to Visit

Clayton chills!
Clayton and Keely nap!

Clayton has been very lucky to have his Nana come visit this week! He has been having lots of fun with her. He loves it when she reads to him and they have tummy time. Keely even got to sleep with Nana for a couple of nights! Grandpa and Aunt Anna are coming Friday. We hope to have a nice Fathers Day for the guys!

P.S. If you haven't seen Clayton's photo shoot, go to the post below!


Katie Ruehmer said...

Would you look at the smirk! You better watch out Mommy, it's plotting something!:)

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

I love the photos from the photo shoot! The photographer did a great job.

Also, I can't get over how cute that picture is with Keely and Clayton laying on the bed!! I hope everyone is doing well. We find out the sex of Baby Goedeker today!