Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Countdown is On!

I start with a picture because as some of my friends pointed out, Meggie! They get on the blog to see my ever growing stomach. :) I am thinking about charging to log on, $20 and you get to see the big belly lady! I will have to say I do feel like a freak show sometimes. I am sure Justin enjoys watching me try to get socks on in the morning and how my feet have become hands so that I don't have to bend over. Even though my mobility is decreasing by the day, I feel great and I am loving being pregnant! It is hard to believe I am already at the 29 week mark. Most likely they will take me at 37 weeks if I already haven't gone, so that is just 8 weeks away! We can't wait for our babies to get here, but we are thankful for everyday they stay inside me and keep growing.

We have been busy the last three weeks traveling for showers and working on the house. When I say we, I mean I have been going to showers and Justin and his crew (Matt, Tommy, Mom and Dad) have been busy working on the house. Justin's friend Matt came down and took out our banister and put a half wall up around the stairs. (I have to plug Matt's business, Glacier Hills Construction) I love Justin, but I thought I was going to kiss Matt when he got this done! He is a great friend! Tommy fixed a pluming problem we were having. Mom and Dad, well they basically did it all. Last weekend Justin and Dad, put up cribs, put in a closet organizer, moved furniture and much more. My mom is now a member of the St. Louis Merry Maids. She cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

We are looking forward to staying put here soon as the closer it gets the closer to St. Louis I need to be. Keely is doing great and doesn't seem to be fazed by all the action. She still thinks my stomach is growing so she has a better pillow. We know she will be a great big sister! Hope everyone is doing well and I will get more pics up soon!

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Megan said...

Sarah!! You look's so good to see you on here. Hope all is well--I was so sorry that I couldn't make it back for your shower. It sounds like you all had a great time!