Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun Trips and Bigger Belly!

We were able to make a trip to Savoy/Champaign to see Anna and David last weekend. We had a wonderful time and Keely is already asking when she can play with Uncle David again! :) Anna treated us to some great meals, and believe me I am always thankful when someone else cooks! We also got to go to Bloomington on Saturday and visit some friends, so that was fun too.

The time seems to be flying by. Justin and I had our first prenatal class last weekend and have another this Saturday. I think Justin has a new appreciation for exactly what is going to happen when these two little ones come. (out of me) We have quite a few things done in preperation, but need to get the room together. We are hopefully picking out carpet this weekend and then Justin will get started painting the room! I am 25 weeks now, here is an updated pic!

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Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

Oh, we are so excited for you guys!! You look great! How are you feeling?

Our friends brought their two kids over last weekend to play with the puppies (the little boy in the picture on the blog). The kids had so much fun and I think the puppies did, too! They wanted to sleep in little Dane's lap!

Yeah, Lilly was upset about the beagle, too. We really like that Weim (Marge), Jeff got to work with that handler at a dog show. She is so nice! We were rooting for them! Too bad, Marge will probably keep showing this year, so there is always next year!!