Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Belly Grows!!!

Ok, so I have been very shy about sharing belly pics and have only taken them at the request of Justin. I finally feel like my bump looks like a baby bump and not like I just ate too much for lunch, so I thought I would share. We are getting so excited. We got one of the cribs my parents bought us and Justin is going to lock himself in the room and put it together tomorrow. (Right honey!!!!!) My next appointment is February 1st, and hopefully we will have another ultrasound a week or so after that. It is so fun to see them moving around. TheMurphettes are very busy already, kicking each other and doing back flips. This is a good thing, because they only have a short time until it will be way to cramped for them to move around much. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

Ohhhh, look at your belly!! It is so cute! I am so excited for you guys. I am glad Justin made you take a picture, I wanted to see pictures! Good luck getting the room done and if you guys need anything, let us know!

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

I hope you guys can make it to the puppy party, too! It should be a lot of fun. Sharon Manning and Carol are coming! If you come, don't worry about anything. You just need to come and relax, you don't need to bring a thing. I hope the pregnancy is going well. How are you doing? Give Keely a kiss for us!