Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What a wonderful holiday! We were able to really enjoy some great times with family over the last couple of weeks. We went to Taylorville this year for Christmas. We ate way too much food, enjoyed a night with our friends Matt & Megan, and had a great time with Justin's family. Keely really likes the whole Santa idea and cleaned up on Christmas gifts. She even had her own stocking. We came home for a couple of days after Christmas and then headed north. We were able to take my grandparents in to Rockford to my Aunt's before they left for AZ. It was great to see everyone, and we had quite the road trip. :) We then returned to Galena to spend New Years with my mom, dad, sister, and David at the farm. Justin took Gold Medal in the sledding competition, David was a close Silver. (We won't mention that my mom was the judge and Justin mentioned to her that he was giving her 2 grandchildren) After the warm-up, everyone headed to the slopes for some skiing and snowboarding at Chesnut. I kept a watchful eye and enjoyed some hot chocolate in the lodge. I was relieved that no emergency room trips were needed. My parents were very impressive, I was just worried my mom would think she was Picabo. We wrapped up our travels in Galesburg on New Years Day to watch Illinois play in the bowl game. Not the outcome we wanted, but a great year after some horrible seasons. As we settle in back home, we are busy getting ready for the babies and working on some projects around the house. We were able to go see Wicked at the Fox last week. Justin got us the tickets as an anniversary present. It was a great show! Hope everyone is doing well!

P.S. Keely is anxiously awaiting the arrival of possibly 7 brothers and sisters this week. Her mom Lilly is due on Saturday!

Keely with her new coat! Our little girl gets quite cold in the snow!

Picture of my grandparents barn with the beautiful snow!

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