Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clayton's Purple Panda Preschool at the Methodist Church in Dunlap wrapped up for the school year a couple Fridays ago.  I hadn't posted pictures and wanted to make sure I got these up.  Clayton LOVED school.  He always talked about his good friends Madylin and Brett.  He got to do tons of art projects, go to the church library, learn more about colors, shapes, letters, and much more.  One of the cutest things was the pledge they did everyday.  I will have to get it recorded and put it up.

So it was his last day and he decided to dress himself.  Apparently Purple Panda prepared him for the next step, the Marines.  :)  Uncle David got him this tshirt a couple of years ago on a trip and Clayton loved wearing it!  I think he looks so old in this first picture.  We had to take a picture of Keely on Clayton's last day.  She came for drop off and pick up every day and became the class mascot of sorts.  All the kids and teachers watched for her.  The kids thought it was funny that Keely would always act like she was driving.  :) 

Justin was out of town for the week so Clayton, Maddie and I went to celebrate the start of summer.  I had asked Clayton what he wanted to do.  We had been to the park about 10 times this week already so he said he wanted to go bowling and get lunch at Jillians.  The kids had a blast bowling, eating pizza, fries, ice cream and anything else you can think of they shouldn't have!  We are excited about this summer full of grilling, visits to see grandparents, mini vacations, playing with the neighbors and much more.  Clayton will be in the pre-kindergarten class at Purple Panda next year and is very excited to return!

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