Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun Fun Day at Tanners Orchard

We spent a great Saturday at Tanners Orchard! It was a bit cool, but that also meant there weren't a million people. The kids loved it! They enjoyed seeing the goats, playing on all the equipment, eating yummy cider donuts, playing in the pumpkins and much more. Clayton's favorite was the barrel ride, I think he would have done that all day. Maddie loved playing in the wooden trains.

We also got quite a bit done yesterday. I was able to finish the work on the holes left in the wall by the previous owners decorations in the kitchen. Then I painted it. I also got the first layer of the boarder down in the laundry room. It didn't come down as clean as I hoped, so more work to do. I am hoping for a great before and after to show you!

We finished off the night with a fun fire pit so it has already been a great weekend. We are headed today to Lincoln to have lunch with Justin's mom for her bday! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

PS Did I mention how happy we are here! LOVE IT!

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