Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye to St. Peters

So, I am really behind on posts. I don't know where to start and then the fact that my camera is a goner doesn't help. Thankfully my memory card was salvaged, I just haven't gotten an adapter to load from that to my computer. So, I thought it was long over due (2 months) that I did our say goodbye to St. Peters post.

I lived in STL for 8 years, Justin for 5 years, Clayton 3 and Maddie about 6-12 months depending if you count living there 1 week a month for 6 months. :)

I am much better at lists so we will do a list.

Here are a few things we will miss about the STL!

  • Friends! We met and became friends with some wonderful people who supported us through some horrible times. We can never thank them enough. We will always stay in touch!

  • Grandma Diane, I mean she even loved Keely! :)

  • Sue Sue, when the kids went to a babysitter it was SueSue. They love her tons and of course Bruiser Bear the dog.

  • The library was 1 min away, that was awesome.

  • The zoo, the parks, the museums, all the great things to do that you don't necessarily get in a small community

  • The Cardinals! Who would have thought I would be at the World Series game that yes the Cardinals lost, but Boston broke the curse. We sat in awesome seats my company gave us, took both kids to their first games.

  • Our house, it wasn't the biggest or the greatest, but we had fun there! Clayton said it was his favorite. :)

  • Shopping :) Oh I miss my PotteryBarn

  • Cheap gas

  • Low Sales taxes

  • Voting in a Republican State

  • The Arch

  • 25 cent sodas when the Cardinals scored 6 runs

  • St. Louis Childrens Hospital (Yes, I will still be calling them)

What I won't miss!

  • It was 108 there regular temp yesterday. (My theory I can always add clothing when it is cold, but I can only take off so much and not get arrested) I HATE the summers there. I know it sounds crazy but there can easily be a 15 degree or more difference between Peoria and there.

  • I do not care nor will I ever care where you went to highschool. I went to University of Illinois and if you ask me where I went to school that will be the answer.

  • Personal Property Taxes

  • Being far from so many friends and family! We have been able to spend so much more time in Galena with my parents and grandparents!

  • Sunshine Slowdown (Seriously, people cant drive when the sun is out?)

  • Traffic

I am sure I missed a million things, I am tired, but wanted to get this on. So we closed on our house on June 7. It had been a long 8 months. The wonderful BNSF paid movers packed and moved all of our stuff into storage that week. Wow, all I know is my parents had already said they wouldn't move me again so the movers were a blessing. (Side note in the 8 years I lived there I was in 4 different apartments and a house. All of these moves seemed to happen in the STL summer heat. I was crazy!) I don't think I can ever move without movers again! Stay tuned to our stuff coming out of storage soon!

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