Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh My Son

So Clayton got a book from his Mimi from our vacation to the beach in North Carolina. It is about loggerhead turtles and how they come to the beaches in North Carolina to lay their eggs. It is written like a journal from a women who is on the "Turtle Team" that helps to protect the nests, etc. So he has insisted that we read this book every day for nap and night, even if we read another book first the turtle book must be read. I love the book, but twice a day everyday is a bit much. So today I was tired and thought I could do some mommy editing to make it just a little bit shorter. HA I am reading along and he says "Mommy, you missed the part where they talk about the Star fish being able to regrow his legs". Seriously? He knew exactly where it should have been in the story. So much for editing. :) I love how he loves to read! Thanks Mimi, he is for sure your little Scientist!

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