Sunday, August 1, 2010

4 Months, Where Did The Time Go?

Our little Madeline will turn 4 months this week. I don't know where the time went? I really feel like yesterday Justin and I were on our way to the hospital and she was in my arms for the first time. It makes me very sad to be back to work tomorrow. I have had so much fun being home. Cuddling with Maddie has been the best. Watching her grow, start making all kinds of noises, laughing, start watching her brother and sister Keely, start sitting in her Bumbo chair and play with Pinky her puppy. Clayton is at that age that his vocabulary is exploding and he is putting lots of words together. He is so much fun to play with. We had many days out in the backyard playing in his pool, "grilling", playing at the water table and he was always helping me mow. We read a ton of books, we should have participated in the reading program at the library because he would have kicked butt! We had great excursions to not only the library, but also to the park, tot lot, play dates and more. All the hugs and kisses have been awesome! These are days I would have never been able to get back and I am so happy I had every moment with them. I think we tend to forget in the madness of everyday life that we only get one chance at this and we better make the most of it! Life is just way to short.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for being supportive of me staying home so long. Stay tuned, there could be some changes coming soon for us! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I will make this short as I can barley see the computer screen. I know it is only 3 days that I have to make it through, but UGH! We are looking forward to a fun weekend in Galena and Papa's birthday.

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