Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Story of the Christmas Tree

This is the picture story of the Murphy Christmas Tree 2009!

The Christmas Tree came in and Daddy and Clayton checked to make sure it was straight.

Clayton did quality control to make sure the tree was in good shape.

The ornaments came out and Clayton saw a ball, a ball that should be thrown on the floor. Oops!

Keely opens her eyes to say, "Ha, wasn't me"

No mom, I am not making a mess of knots with the beads.

Daddy and Clayton put up their barrel of Jack Daniels ornament from Lynchburg.

Mommy was given until noon, at which time this is what happened to my help when the Bears came on.

Half time! The star goes up.

Not a great pic with the glare, but the Murphy Christmas Tree is up!

(Mommy was busy being OCD about the lights and beads, plus she was still in her pjs, so pics with her have been edited)


Nikki said...

Love the pictures! It looks like Clayton is becoming a big help! It was good seeing you guys too, we need to get together more often!

Anna said...

Thank you for making this more of a picture book than a novel! Love, Anna