Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictureless Post

So usually I don't post if I don't have a picture, because I know that is what most of my family wants to see. But, I only had my phone when we were out and about this weekend and it is not working at the moment to download pictures. Hopefully I will get that taken care of this week. We had an awesome weekend! We had dinner with some friends on Friday night. We are so lucky that Clayton is very well behaved when we go out. Then on Saturday the weather was great so we went to the park. Clayton got to play on some cool tractor equipment and then we all took a "hike" with Keely. Clayton loved throwing rocks in the creek and we got to see 2 deer run by. I am almost done with Christmas shopping and I got all the Christmas decorations up too. I usually have a rule that nothing can go up before Thanksgiving, partly because I love the fall and I hate that Thanksgiving almost gets overlooked as a holiday. This year it will be nearly impossible for me to make the switch over Thanksgiving weekend so I broke the rule and got it done. I am ready to print our Christmas letter too. I don't know what got into me, I think I feel the need to over achieve while I can. We will have to see how things go next year when I have two little ones. :)

We are headed to Galena on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. We can't wait to see everyone and I am sure we will have lots of yummy food to eat at Nanas! I love the holidays and getting to spend more time with family!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

P.S. Clayton wanted me to mention that he is proud of his Papa who got a 8-point buck this weekend!!!!! Clayton can't wait to hunt with Great Grandpa, Nana and Papa.

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MamaMiller said...

Does your mom hunt too? I would really like to see a photo of that :)