Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog Slacker/Basement Remodel

So I know I have been a blog slacker as of late. We have been running around as usual. I will give a Murphy Family update sometime this weekend. We are headed to the Missouri Valley Basketball Tournament this afternoon to watch ISU, so I have to make this short. My dad might disown me though if I don't get some basement remodel pics up! :) Since we will be staying in the St. Louis area for awhile and Justin is working from home, we decided we needed to finish the basement to have some more room. Once completed we will have a office, family room and play area. This sounds like a ton of space, really the area is not huge, but it is all space we didn't have before. I am super excited!!! So is Clayton. Justin's friends, Tim and Matt have done all the work so far. We hope to have it all done by Clayton's Birthday. We should have better pictures on Monday when the guys are finished with their part and all the tools are out. Anyway, here are some pics and like I said I will get more updates up this weekend! Have a great Saturday and enjoy the summer like weather!

Looking at Clayton's playroom, the door coming into the basement is on the left where you see the light. There will be a closet on the far left wall.

Standing in the family room area looking down to Justin's Office. There is a small closet at the end on the left and then where Tim is standing there are 2 pocket doors going into the laundry/storage area.

Looking back down from Justin's office to the family room area.

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