Sunday, October 7, 2007

Low Key Weekend

What a great weekend! We have been on the go so much and will be again next weekend, so it was nice to be able to have a weekend at home. We all needed to get some rest and I had a million things around the house that had been neglected. Of course we were able to watch the Illini beat #5 ranked Wisconsin!! GO ILLINI!! Most importantly I wanted to get some pics of Keely up. Justin took this first one. He was pretty proud of her pointing, even if it was at a dandelion!

Keely has also discovered the gum balls that fall out of the tree in the front. They provide for hours of entertainment. She loves to flip them around with her paws and throw them in the air with her mouth. Thanks to our new camera, I can catch these action shots.

There is a park just down the road from us and we have been there almost everyday. Keely likes to play fetch with the baseballs that the kids leave near the baseball field.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday and a good week!!!