Monday, September 17, 2007

WOW, What a Week

Well, I think the pic of Keely and I says it all. We had a wild, fun and exhausting last week and weekend. My trip to Mexico for work turned out to be a marathon. We were supposed to get into Mexico on Monday at 12:30pm, and because of bad weather in Dallas we didn’t get there till 7pm. We went the next morning, saw the plant and then we were at the airport again at 10:30am to head home. I guess less than 24 hours in Mexico is a good thing. Justin and Keely had fun while I was gone; although I am sure Keely missed me!! We were finally able to get most of the house painted on Thursday and I love the colors. The house is really coming together. Keely went for her first vet visit on Thursday. She loves her vet and is already 21 pounds. Her vet said she had good genes and that she was beautiful. Thanks Lilly and Atlas!!!!!

My family came down this weekend to visit and to meet Keely. Of course they did way too much work! They helped us organize the garage, and mom did some wonderful landscaping. Keely loved Anna a lot and cuddled as much as she could. Ellie and Keely had some fun playing and Ellie was pretty patient with her new very rambunctious friend. Keely got lots of presents from everyone too! More pics to come, including some of Keely and Ellie.

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