Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Madeline's 4th Birthday!

Wow, April is a blur every year.  My advise when planning your 2nd or 3rd child don't have them 5 days apart from your first child  :)  I also feel the birthday pressure since my mom did a FANTASTIC job making sure we felt special every year on our big day.  But really, it was a TON of fun. (Also make sure you have fantastic friends who are willing to come to your house for parties 2 weekends in a row)

Madeline decided she wanted a Barbie Baking Party!  We decorated cupcakes, made chocolate chip cookies and played!  I think everyone had fun.  I found a recipe for cookie dough without eggs so a highlight was eating the cookie dough!  :)

I can't begin to imagine that Madeline is 4!  She is so grown up, yet still my baby girl.  She is mommy's little helper now that Clayton is at school everyday.  She takes awesome care of her little sister, playing with her, singing to her and making sure she doesn't get into trouble.  She loves school, and is sharp as a tack.  She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell it like it is.  (Hum, wonder where she gets that)  She is also an outdoorsy little girl.  Justin is sure she will be his hunting partner!  She can't wait to get the garden in again this spring.  Her favorite color this year is pink, if you can't tell by the pics below.  :)

Madeline we love you more than you can imagine!!!!

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