Thursday, June 2, 2011

I know I know, Where have I been?

I have been absent from the blog, jeez only one post in May. I now have 2 theories on why people aren't blogging. They are either prego or moving. Don't worry I am only doing the second one. The movers are here, it is official on Tuesday that we will be "homeless" and no longer residents of Missouri. Oh it is so crazy. We are excited, nervous and all kinds of other emotions. Who knew 8 years. Yep, I have lived in St. Louis for 8 years. Ask any of my Aerotek counterparts and they would have said I wouldn't be here for more than 6 months. It is no secret I have my issues with St. Louis, but it is a good place and I have had lots and lots of good times here. I will be spending a little time posting about it so we have it for our blog book, but for now the focus is the movers getting all of our stuff packed and to storage and enjoying the weekend. We have tickets to the Cards/Cubs game Saturday behind the dugout. Good way to end our time here!

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Laura said...

Congrats on the big move! I'm so glad you were able to sell!