Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy's Prize

I am just weeks away from Maddie being on cow's milk fulltime. I have been much more emotional about it than I thought I would. It is crazy that I have been breastfeedng/pumping 23 of the last 36 months. I have to say a HUGE thank you to my mom for doing the same for my sister and I! Until you have been there done that you have no idea the time and effort it takes. It truly is like having a part-time job on the side. I wouldn't think twice about it though for health and bonding reasons. I love my babies so much and I have already seen the benefits!

On a side note, it costs on average $1500-$2000 to formula feed a baby for a year. Thats right I saved $4,000. As Clayton would say, "Do I get a prize?" :)

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The D'Angelos said...

Hi Sarah! I think you SHOULD get a prize! I am still nursing Cooper and he shows no interest in stopping any time soon. You are right - Breast feeding (especially pumping) is truly like having a part-time job. It is worth it though!
When are you moving to Illinois? We only get back to visit a few times a year but I would love to see you!