Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lots to be Thankful for!

Hard to believe that it is almost December. November has flown by. We were able to go visit our friends, Jennifer and Jason in Bloomington and go to Taylorville to celebrate Justin's grandparent's birthdays two weekends ago. We have also been working on some more projects around the house like cleaning the basement and taking down shelving that was in our spare bedrooms. I feel like the living areas are about done and now we just have to focus on the bathrooms and bedrooms.

I have been feeling great and am in my 15th week. We have another doctors appointment next Friday so I always look forward to that. The next ultrasound will be two weeks after that. They should really look like two little people by then!

Thanksgiving was spent in Galesburg with my folks, sister and grandparents. It was a wonderful time and went way too fast. Mom and dad even treated me to Happy Joes, who knew that would be one of the things I miss most from Galesburg! Ellie and Keely are slowly but surly warming up to each other and Keely is understanding that Ellie just wants to be left alone sometimes. It was nice to catch up with some friends while we were home too.

Our house should look like Christmas by the end of the week. Now that I have lots more energy I am on a roll to get stuff done. I got the Christmas cards written, now they just have to go out in the mail! We are going to get the tree on Thursday and have it decorated before Justin's mom and sister come down to go shopping Saturday. (Will be interesting to see what Keely thinks of the tree) I will get some pics up once I have decorated.

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