Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I had to laugh last night at how life truly does change when you have kids.  We were so busy on Monday and Tuesday that the 4th of July was a lazy day for us.  We stayed in the AC, took naps, played and grilled out for dinner.  The fireworks we enjoyed were on NBC, since Clayton fell asleep at 6pm and as of 6:30am this morning he is still fast asleep.  I think he had too much fun playing with Olivia our neighbor earlier this week.  We have been trying to stay cool which has involved a ton of water!  The kids are in the pool and playing in the sprinkler almost everyday.  I think Maddie has eaten her weight in popsicles. We hope everyone had a safe holiday!  Today is our big girl, Keely's birthday!  Wow how can she be 5?